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If you were to ask Laura, the 17-year-old behind the Tumblr account, to describe the different types of social media teens use, she would show you four animated GIFs she created and shared on Tumblr this month that got her over 200,000 re-blogs. And we’ll admit it: As self-proclaimed Tumblr addicts, we got a laugh out of them here at HuffPost Teen. Check out her post in the below slideshow and share your thoughts in the comments. We want to know: What image would you use to describe Pinterest?

Another one of our favorite, LOL-worthy takes on social media describes the different channels not as GIFs — but donuts. Check out the delicious, viral joke from Funny or Die here.

Facebook is for popular people

Myspace is for musical people

Twitter is for famous people

Tumblr is for magical people

via Huff Post 

Or if you want you can read my article on Tumblr (from a while back) - Blog and Roll


Building a Company with Social Media


Building a Company with Social Media

When it comes to social media and networking there is always a new kid on the block. In the last few weeks the website that was on everyone’s lips was Pinterest. Even though it was launched in 2010, it’s only now that everyone has started raving about it. Early adopters were praising it, new users were amazed while others were asking around for invites.

Now, I like trying new things, especially when it comes to social media so I went for it. I got myself an invite and started surfing around Pinterest. Basically, it’s an photo sharing website that enables users to create photo collections or ‘boards’ by pinning different media in them. Pinterest makes it easy for users to share this media by ‘repining’ and encourages users to follow the activity of others that have the same interests.

Basically, I just saw a much more simplified Tumblr that gave the impression of exclusivity. As I was browsing through boards and pins the one thing I noticed is that the age of users is a tad higher than those on Tumblr and because it is a bit more specialised and looks clearer and more professional it could be easier for companies to use. One of the important things I believe it’s missing is the ability to customise the look which companies might have a problem with as they want to maintain a cohesive image.

Now, I am an advocate for using social media as a tool for businesses and I have my favorites, such as Twitter and Tumblr. I believe these two microblogging tools are really useful for most companies, and they have the most potential for getting engagement, but I still see Pinterest as a lesser Tumblr.

The other day I read a blog post about Pinterest being a new form of social advertising but I saw no new features that differentiate this website from Tumblr. Tumblr users can also post just through the click of one button and redirect their followers with one click on the picture, but they also have the option of not doing it. Also, I still believe Tumblr offers more options such as the newly added highlighted posts and has a more organised dashboard.

What do you think about Pinterest? Do you love it/hate it?  Let me know, especially if you’re a Tumblr user.

You can see the original Wordpress post here by  danielaoana

Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to write a blog post. I have it planned in my head, just need to sit down and write it.

In my years at university I had the chance to learn about PR. From media relations to PR strategy and planning campaigns I even dipped my toe into advertising and publishing in my first year, but the most experience I’ve gotten was in “the real life”.

Now, my PR work placement was great, but I didn’t just rely on that. It was only a few weeks and I didn’t get the chance to go through everything. Being at university should be about gaining experience and learning about one’s chosen course from as many perspectives as possible so I tried more things.

If I were to give an advice to a PR fresher it would be “Go for as many internships, freelancing opportunities and work placements as possible.”. Especially if you could go out of your comfort zone. You could discover you may like corporate communications after a few weeks in house when you never even thought it possible. And if you don’t it’s better you found out while you’re still at uni.

I have done “a few gigs on the side”, not just in PR but advertising and marketing too, but looking back I wish I had done even more. Some of them I did as a volunteer and it was great - I learned so much and gained experience working towards an objective I believed in.

I believe it’s much more likely that you will come up with a great idea working on something you love. So, try and get involved with an idea you believe in and who knows? It could be your ticket into “big league” PR. You can’t lose with volunteering or freelancing. Not only will it improve your skills but it also looks great on your CV and it gives you something to talk about in your next interview.

I’ve written a blog post on this whole SOPA-PIPA situation on the PR ethics blog I contribute to.

Check it out and be sure to give me your input!